Andrea Coish

andrea coish

Andrea Coish is a Marin / San Francisco based traditional artist with 25 years experience working with paint. She received a BA/Studio Art degree from the University of New Hampshire. When she is not working on projects like; Grateful Dead backdrops, sculptures at Universal Studios, San Francisco Opera Scenery, Art collaborations for SF ART Market, SF Oracle baseball Park murals, Scenic Painting for Star Wars and other movies and TV productions, she is in her Sausalito Art Studio working on treasured personal pieces.

The backbone and strength of a concept is the force behind her work. When she feels and sees that power its then that the work begins. Her current contemporary pieces embrace an approach that finds that strength in places, environments and natural awe, then utilizes scale and composition to convey that power. Her other body of work plays with time in her eye catching figurative images painted on discovered materials. The results vary in mode but not vitality. Her pieces carry that familiar thread of strength and the pleasing affect is mesmerizing.